ymca exeter internship graduate homelessness volunteer

3 October 2018

To mark the end of an extraordinary summer and say hello to cosy nights and the season of hot chocolate and Guy Fawkes, we held our first ever ‘End of Summer’ bash, welcoming staff, volunteers and a new group of TEN:10 Interns into the YMCA Family. YMCA Exeter volunteer fundraise

Held at The Stable Rooftop Bar in Exeter, guests included volunteers from the ever-evolving University of Exeter YMCA Society as well as host families for our new interns.

ymca exeter internship graduate homelessness volunteerThe evening was put together by Sue Wilson, our Volunteer Coordinator, who says:

People don’t tend to volunteer for the fame and recognition, but often out of a deep-rooted passion to serve others in need. We wanted to honour our volunteers who could easily go under the radar and show our appreciate for their faithful support”. 

graduate programme

During the evening we also met our four new interns as they begin their internship, in part funded by Erasmus. The interns from left to right (above) are: Anna, Geelke, Anne and Josephine, and over the next year will be embedded into our service provision across the area. Watch this space for how they grow, develop and nurture their gifts at YMCA Exeter.

ymca exeter internship graduate homelessness volunteer