housing options Exeter

If you are one of our partner referrers then please use this contact form to submit a request referring an individual to us for accommodation and support.

The application process has the following steps:

  1. A callback to the referral agency from a member of the team
  2. If eligible, the young person will be invited for a tour at our Stage 1 residential centre in St David’s Hill, Exeter
  3. An application form will be made available to the young person and must include two independent referees
  4. An invitation to a formal interview will be made to form an assessment of individual support needs
  5. If successful the young person will be granted a place on our needs based waiting list

To start the application process please ring us on 01392 410530 ext.201 or send us a message through the contact form below.

If you are not a referring agency but you are looking for accommodation for yourself or someone you know please follow this link to use complete

Please note, when you submit this form, we will get in touch with the person you have referred and notify you of the outcome. If you do not want to include the contact details of the person you are referring – then leave those boxes blank and we will contact you to discuss the referral further.