Our Support

Every year YMCA Exeter provides Supported Accommodation for over 100 young people and helps many more find accommodation that is suitable to them.

We have three stages of accommodation across the city where young people can become part of a family.

  • Stage 1 is a 31 bedroom residential centre in St David’s Hill and is the entry point for all young people
  • Stage 2 is a set of four shared houses in Newcourt, near Ikea and the Sandy Park Stadium
  • Stage 3 is a series of shared houses across Exwick and Stoke Hill

Each stage offers a varying degree of one to one and peer support and give young people, between the ages of 18-29, the opportunity to make a fresh start. We can also accommodate 16-17 year olds via a referral through Social Services.

There isn’t really a set time that young people can live at the YMCA, some stay with us for one year, others for several years as they move through our stages of accommodation before finding a permanent home of their own.

Our accommodation is specifically for young people who are coming out of homelessness and would like the support of a loving community to move forward. Some of our residents have been sleeping rough and others may have been sofa surfing or living in a tent or car. YMCA isn’t just a place to stay though. Our Link Workers support residents during their stay at YMCA so they can develop their own potential in body, mind and spirit. These areas include:

  • finding a GP
  • counselling
  • employment advice
  • emotional & physical wellbeing
  • managing debt
  • money advice
  • managing disabilities
  • maintaining accommodation

Make an application

If you think that YMCA Exeter might be a good option for you, or someone you know, then you can get in touch with us.

The application process has the following steps:

  1. A callback from a member of the team
  2. If eligible, you will be invited for a tour at our Stage 1 residential centre in St David’s Hill, Exeter
  3. You will be given an application form and must include two independent referees
  4. You will be invited to a formal interview that will form an assessment of your support needs
  5. If successful you will be granted a place on our needs based waiting list

To start the application process please ring us on 01392 410530 and select option 1 or send us a message through the referral form below.

YMCA Exeter is a member of the Exeter Homeless Partnership.