We know you have a lot of things you need to spend money on right now, and as face coverings are now required on public transport, and are recommended for use when you are not able to maintain social distancing, we thought it would be nice if we bought you one!

We want you to choose the face covering that you like, so we’ve come up with a wide selection of styles from the two stores below for you to choose from.

Browse the designs on the websites below, then come back here and let us know which one you’d like and we will order it in for you.

We’ve already ordered in over 30 face coverings for those who have placed orders and these are being distributed now – We’ll do a final order this week soplease let us know which design you would like before Friday 24th July 2020!

You can tell us which mask you’d like by speaking to or emailing your linkworker (or if you get really stuck you can email the Office, by clicking here ) or drop us a message through one of our Facebook groups.

Just remember to tell us which shop and the name of the design (see the full list at the end of this page)

Choose from:



The full list of face-coverings is below:



Finnish Blue
Grey Skies
Men – Rust
Men – Carbon Black
Men – Blur
Men – Denim
Men – Foliage
Men – Forest
Men – Grey
Men – Nordic Blue




Black Hun
Black Script Face
Monotone allover signature
Allover signature
Black Signature
Orange Fade
Mint Fade
Black Leopard
Camo dots
JH links
Wild Logo
Bold Logo
Colour Splat
Camo Drips
Vintage Roses
Crayon Stripes
Grey Bold Logo
Black Mix logo
Black & Yellow
Red & Orange
Pink & White
Grey & Orange
Blue & Mint
Pink & Purple
Pink & Yellow
Burgundy & Blue
Pink & Blue
Blue & Light Blue
Reflective Signature
Studs Signature
Black Foil Signature
Pink Foil Signature
Mini Hearts
Black Gothic Logo